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Track Lighting FAQ

  • Are track lights outdated?

    Track Lighting may not always be the first aesthetic choice on a designers’ list for today’s lighting layout styles. However, it is highly versatile, and for some applications, like concrete ceilings or where lighting versatility is needed, track lighting is still a top choice. Also, with track lighting offered in slimmer profiles and with modern track fixtures, track lighting can still easily complement almost any current style and decor. For track lighting design inspiration, view the Juno Project Gallery.
  • What are the parts of track lighting?

    The basic parts of a track lighting system are an electrical feed, a track stick and of course a track light fixtures which mounts onto the track.  Depending on the application, joiners/connecters may be necessary to execute the desired pattern or design. They come in many different configurations, such as, flexible, corner,  straight or “x” connectors. Rigid pendant stems, cable suspension system and a slope ceiling adapter can also be used for high ceiling applications. Click here to learn more about the parts needed for each Juno Track System.
  • Are track lights standard size?

    There isn’t a standard size to track lights (fixtures). Track fixtures come in many shapes, sizes, and function options to fit the desired need of the lighting application.
  • What are the three types of track lighting?

    The three main types of track lighting are H-Type, L-Type, and J-Type. The differences between the three track types are the number of wires and the shape of the buss bars (what connects the power to the track fixture). H-Type is a 3-wire system with three thin, flat buss bars. L-Type and J-Type are 2-wire systems with two cylindrical buss bars.  Track Fixtures by Juno are J-Type, they can also be ordered with either a H-Type or a L-Type adapter to work with respective track systems. Click Here to view products.
  • Can you mount track lighting on a wall?

    Track Lighting is typically mounted to a drywall/gypsum, T-bars, or concrete ceilings. Since tracking lighting is a surface mount system, it can also easily be installed on a wall, suspended from a ceiling, or on a beam with the appropriate hardware.