Intense, evenly distributed light with widespread coverage makes this Juno wallwash track fixture series the ideal choice wherever a uniform beam pattern is desired to enhance an accent wall, signage, product display or any focal point on the room perimeter.

Power Ranger

Match lighting performance to the size of the space and desired effect with a choice of 7 lumen packages. Blast the room perimeter for visual impact or gently illuminate to create a more balanced illumination.

    Low Key

    A rendering of two Juno Lighting UPLD LED undercabinet light fixtures in the white finish and bronze finish.

    Slim Design

    Juno’s slim, non-invasive design maintains a discreet presence. Minimal aperture brightness fights glare, improving user comfort. Impeccably designed center of gravity maintains perfect balance regardless of fixture aiming. Fixtures can even be aimed straight down to provide widespread ambient lighting!
    A rendering of Juno Lighting's UCES LED undercabinet light fixture.

    Horizontal & Vertical Aiming

    The fixture provides 360° horizontal rotation and 90° vertical aiming, and it is designed with vertical aiming scales and locking set screws. It is compatible with Juno Trac-Master® or Trac-Lites™ track systems, and it is also available with optional alternate mounting adapters for use on the most frequently encountered competitor track systems.

    Visual Comfort

    An assortment of field-installable light control accessories is available for maximum project flexibility and visual comfort.


    Clear Lens, Diffusion Lens or UV Filter




    Eyebrow / Visor




    Barn Doors


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